The info window
Posted by admin on December 03 2008 13:09:43

At creation of a small copy of a desktop, it was necessary to refuse a conclusion of text to icons. At adequate scaling, the text turned out extremely fine and at all not read, in case of use in not a monophonic background.

However, you always have opportunity to see and read the text to any icon not straining sight. For this purpose the program displays the text to each icon, hardly have you moved the mouse cursor over the icon.

In a case if the option УShow info window" is not check, the program showing the text to icons as usual hint. It is the fastest variant...

If you check the option "Show info window" when the cursor of the mouse appears above an icon on a DESKonTOP the program will show the special information window adhered to the cursor of the mouse. In this window, you will see an icon, above which there is a cursor, and the text of the text under an icon.

Pay attention that the icon in this information window showed without scaling. I.e. You will see an icon in that kind in what would see it on a system desktop.

In a case if you have check an option УShow info windowФ you can with the help of the list "Background color" choose background color with which the background of an information window will be filled. In addition, with the help of the button УInfo window font settingsФ you can choose style and color of the text to an icon.

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