The main screen
Posted by admin on December 03 2008 12:43:43

The main screen of the program represents the scaled copy of your Desktop. On the scaled Desktop you can see the scaled icons. The icons size you can change in the settings dialog.

You can launch any of programs from your desktop, simply having clicked on her scaled icon on the main screen of DESKonTOP.

The click by right mouse button on any icon will lead to opening of the context menu program.

In this menu you can

Simulating click the left mouse button (to start the program)
Simulating click the right mouse button (to open the contextual menu)
Refresh the main screen
Opening the settings dialog
Unloading the DESKonTOP from memory.

Thus, the scaled Desktop behaves practically as well as the standard Windows Desktop.

Only having the two exceptions:

On the scaled Desktop it is impossible to move icons.

Click the mouse button on empty area of the scaled desktop (area not used for scaled icons) hide the main screen of DESKonTOP.